New addiction

I was thinking about titling this post "adventures in stomach flu" but then I found out stomach flu doesn’t exist.

So, that thing that rendered me unable to do anything for two days other than re-read large portions of the last three Harry Potter books, and unable to eat anything other than a single large orange? Not stomach flu. Gastroenteritis. Which I will never in a million years remember how to spell.

Incidentally, I found it odd that literally the only thing I wanted to eat was an orange. Whenever I felt well enough to walk around, I would go to the refrigerator and open it and be freshly disappointed there wasn’t an orange in there. Then paulcarp  brought me an orange and officially became Best Husband Ever.

So, now I’m addicted to the In a Minute videos on 23/6, although I found that the Gossip Girl premier got boring even at a minute and I found myself scrolling down to look at something else. What the heck is that show about anyway? Is it like if the Sex in the City gals were teenagers and also morons?

Whatever, obviously I am not the target demographic.

I don’t know if I am the target demographic for Dancing with the Stars, although I am pitifully old and possibly a gay man, so, maybe. I don’t care who wins and I always turn the sound off when there’s no actual dancing, but I have this thing when I channel flip — I stop on anything that looks like SF, fantasy, or horror, and also on dancing and nature programs. So I watched a couple of routines on Dancing with the Stars, and then the second half of Candyman (edited for TV).

Candyman is a true classic of the horror genre, often overlooked. If you like horror and you haven’t watched it, go thou and do so.


  1. My sympathies… I too had severe gastroenteritis starting Monday night, still feel like crap, and I’m wondering if we had a common cause… did you happen to eat any of the hospitality taco makings? (Uly did, and he’s fine, though.)

    When capable of sitting up, I’ve been reading my prized new possession, “900 Grandmothers” by R. A. Lafferty. & Uly brought the laptop into the bedroom so we could watch House MD in bed.

    1. Author

      I did not eat tacos in hospitality.

      My theory is that a gastroenteritis fairy was flitting about Orycon, tapping random people on the shoulder.

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