The best reason yet for brushing up on one’s show tunes

Check out this delightful and heartwarming story about getting bigots to shut up by singing show tunes.

Usually I have a problem with the whole loud bigots thing — ignore them and they never shut up — yell back and it validates them, plus escalates the situation — but show tunes! Show tunes are the perfect solution! Because everybody except the bigots will be more entertained!

So now I am going to learn a repertoire of show tunes and have them at the ready just in case of bigots.

You have all been warned.


  1. Ooooooo, I need to think of something bigoted to say next time I see you. Unfortunately, the only group of people I usually mock are rednecks!

      1. Selected Works of Rodgers & Hammersitein

        “What’s The Use Of Wondrin'” from Carousel — An apologia for staying in an abusive relationship. It’s a little operatic, but that might just be how Shirley Jones sang it.

        “The Farmer and The Cowman” from Oklahoma — An argument about whether it’s more noble to use cattle for for draft & dairy animals or to rope them and kill them. This song requires at least two singer, but 4 or 6 would work better; get all of your friend to start learning their parts.

        “All I Owe Ioway” from State Fair — A paean to the virtues of Iowa and its farms. Think “Proud to be an American” for Iowa in the 40’s.

        1. Author

          Re: Selected Works of Rodgers & Hammersitein

          Good point — there’s probably some redneck showtunes in The Music Man too.

          1. Re: Selected Works of Rodgers & Hammersitein

            Also “The Surrey With the Fringe on Top” from Oklahoma is basically a 1906 version of a guy bragging about his tricked out pickup.

            There is surely something from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, but I haven’t seen it in over 20 years {gack, I hate realize things like that} so I can’t recall specifics.

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