The Evelyn Evelyn show was terrific

But this morning I’m so… tired…

I googled “evelyn evelyn” so that I could post future tour dates:

Google provided me “controversy” as a possible — what would you call that? Phrase completer? Anyway, so that’s how I found out there is a controversy. I guess.

On the subject of ablism, as it so happens, yesterday I ran into these “American Able” series of pictures where a model with a condition that twists her spine recreates American Apparel ads.

I liked the pictures a lot. They’re somehow way more interesting than the usual American Apparel ad.


  1. Yeah, the Evelyn Evelyn gig drew a bit of flak from soem people I knew owing to the freakshow nature, which some found tasteless. Go figure

    1. Author

      Go figure indeed.

      I certainly didn’t see it being any more offensive than Geek Love, Big Fish, Tod Browning’s Freaks, that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode with Bart’s twin, The Addams Family movie, the “Humbug” episode of The X-Files, or anything else you can think of that features 1. Conjoined twins or other “freakish” deformities 2. Treated in a less than deadly serious manner.

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