The windup, then the pitch

Hey, everybody!

This is, I think, the more or less final pitch for the werewolf novel. And it will go to agents. Honest. Really, I promise. (Heart thuds. Deep breath. Submitaphobia rears its ugly head.) I just wanted to pass it by y’all and see if there are any really glaring errors or omissions or points of confusion. And thank you so much to the people who contributed — I know some of you will recognize your wording here and there.


After the death of her husband, Kaari Goldstein thinks coming to Seattle to help her alcoholic friend Alice dry out sounds like a good idea. But on her first morning, she wakes up in a park, with no idea how she got there or where her clothes went. She also can’t explain the eviscerated drug dealer nearby.

While she fights to save Alice from addiction, Kaari tries to discover what really happened that night. Does it have anything to do with her newfound ability to track people by scent? Or with being a hardcore vegetarian who has started to crave meat in the worst way? Or with the rumors of a killer wolf on the loose?

Kaari wanted to start a new life, but she never imagined it would involve dodging werewolf assassins, tracking serial killers, and occasionally turning into a wolf herself. As she struggles to master her inner wolf, Kaari has to convince the cops that she isn’t the killer they’re looking for. But what kind of killer is she?


    1. Just to give another opinion, I like “hardcore” better than “committed”, just because it jars with “vegetarian” in a sit-up-and-pay-attention way. (Hi, Jack!)

      I particularly like your last two sentences.

      1. Author

        Thanks for the input!

        A query is so short, it’s like poetry, with endless fussing over exactly the right word and exactly the right phrase.

        After thinking about it, I’m keeping hardcore (for now) because 1. The punchier, slangier word is more appropriate to the tone of the novel itself, and 2. Hardcore suggests that she’s kind of self-righteous about it.

    1. Author

      Thanks! I hope you will have the opportunity to find out in the published work. :)

  1. I think it’s awesome. But then, I would. :-P

    Send it out! Good luck. Fingers crossed.

    1. Author

      Thanks again. That back-and-forth we had was really helpful.

  2. I like this pitch a lot. It’s interesting, it’s punchy, and the character sounds relatable. Now go get ’em!

  3. “crave meat in the worst way” sounds really naughty to me.

    Congrats. I know the above was harder for you than the novels…

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