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Month: October 2008


Grr. My no-LJ-memes rule is colliding against my deeply held moral views. Because I happen to be a chick married legally and all to a dude, this does apply to me: ———– Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you’re in a non-same-sex marriage, and you don’t want it “protected” by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow. ———— So, yeah, anyway, I am a strong supporter of gay civil rights, including marriage. I assume that everyone who knows me knows this. I have never been quiet or shy about it. I have drawn a comic for…

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I’m hoping to talk Paul into going to New Orleans in July

Because otherwise we can’t go to Tales of the Cocktail. Which, I think I have seen mentioned before — maybe in chefcdb‘s blog — but I don’t think I realized it was an annual event. Anyway, I ran into it when I was researching falernum recipes. Falernum is a flavor syrup used in fabbo tiki drinks (like the promised zombies for tomorrow), but it’s nearly impossible to find commercially, and it uses ingredients that aren’t hard to come by here. Although I did just zest NINE limes. (I wore gloves)

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The scary spider closet

Or, why, sometimes it might be better just to not touch anything. So, our Halloween party decorations are in a storage closet. This storage closet also contains occasional-use items like camping equipment, as well as a great many boxes of “I don’t think I can just throw this out, and yet, I have no real use for it” items awaiting the next round of ARC donations (clothing, household items) or whatever it would that might cause someone to need two entire boxes of World Horror Convention 2001 program books. Sometime during the summer, this closet became infested with spiders. It’s…

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Weird rumors

Today I just became aware of perhaps the strangest of the strange Obama rumors traveling through the email-o-sphere: that Obama had been employing Voodoo against McCain, which causes him to writhe around and grimace uncontrollably. I just want to set the record straight here. Yes, there is voodoo being employed against McCain. But it’s not Obama doing it, or any of his Kenyan relatives, or any of the other likely suspects mentioned in the email. It’s me. I’m doing it. Please direct your paranoid relatives and co-workers my way if they want an explanation. Thank you.

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Fox News almost destroyed my marriage


Last night I was in a bar where Fox News was on with the sound turned off.
All I could see was faces, clips, crawls, and captions. I tried not to watch,
but I kept getting distracted by the movement on the screen, and then distracted
by the fact that I wanted to punch somebody. The show went from what I think
was Hannity & Colmes, because I recognized Hannity’s smug punchable face,
to what I assume was "regular" news, but there was no difference in
content — if anything, the regular news was more insane than the pundits. In
Fox world, apparently nothing else in the world is happening right now except
Obama! Ayers Ayers Ayers! Boo! Scary! Election! Ayers! And now here’s a nice
soothing image of McCain smiling. Aww, lookit his cheeks, he looks like a big
white teddy bear!

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Update: 24-hour Comic Day at my house

It is scheduled from 10 am Saturday October 18 through 10 am Sunday October 19. I have prepared an anti-mellow playlist for my ipod which is exactly one day long. It has a lot of X on it. Right now, I know of me and uly as designated cartoonists. dangerdaisy has promised to come over and mock. I am going to periodically twitter about it unless at the last minute I don’t feel like doing that. You can also go to the main goth house site to follow. Since I don’t have a webcam, I will get Paul to periodically…

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Signs and Stories


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a crude spray-paint job on Dino Rossi’s name
on the large campaign sign in the yard of an insurance place near where I work.
The McCain/Palin sign had a penis painted on it.

Yesterday, I noticed that our neighbor’s Obama/Biden sign had been torn up
and the pieces thrown into the gutter and the bushes.

I will probably never know what motivated the sign-destroyers. But I’m inclined
to imagine what motivated them, to construct a little narrative in my head.
I imagine that the people destroying the Republican signs were 14-year-old-boys
on a tagging mission, with no political motivations at all, and the signs simply
attracted them by being larger than most campaign signs, like little billboards,
the kind of campaign signs you see along the highway. Or maybe they think McCain is a creepy old
guy and Sarah Palin is hot, which might explain the penis. Or maybe they actually
do have nascent political leanings, albeit clumsily and stupidly expressed in
14-year-old-boy fashion.

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