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Month: May 2009

Apparently, I should’ve married some rich guy, and then killed him

According to this new book, Smart Girls Marry Money, anyway. And my career woes would be over. Assuming the summary is accurate, the book is not asking why lady bartenders or lady web developers are “still slaving after forty” — maybe the assumption is that our prospects for marrying millionaires were always rather dim. Instead, the authors are baffled about why “lady lawyers, doctors, and MBAs” are still nose to the grindstone after that magic age, after which your life is functionally over and no man will ever desire you again. Which, maybe I missed something, but I kind of…

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False Daughter

Just came home through the back yard. There was a black cat in the yard of the same size and general type as Daughter, one of the spayed feral cats we have been feeding for the past ten years. So I assumed it was Daughter. Then she came up to me and started rubbing herself on my legs. This is NOT DAUGHTER! Then I saw she had a collar. Then I saw she had round yellow eyes instead of slanty demonic green eyes. This whole thing is kind of freaking me out. There is a False Daughter Kitty on the…

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Star Trekkin’

Saw Star Trek over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised. It’s simply a good time at the movies — funny, fast-moving, occasionally touching, and full of life. My expectations were not high after the dismal double-whammy of Nemesis and Enterprise managed to suck the last tiny spark of vitality out of the Trek universe, and after a few early previews made the movie look a little too dumb and calculated. Then the reviews were mostly positive, so my hopes rose a bit, but still — the reviews were mostly positive for The Phantom Menace, too. (Sometimes I suspect reviewers of…

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I’m sure something is wrong with my biorhythms

Or the voodoo saints are annoyed with me. Or I used up all my good karma points and now I need to rack up some bad ones. Or, something. That would explain why, just a couple of weeks after I broke my butt, I would get laid off. What I do: I am a web designer and developer. I make websites look pretty, and also make them do all that fancy stuff that they do. If the acronyms HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, SQL and JS mean anything to you, then you know what I do. If the acronym CMS means…

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Arse Poetica

April is national poetry month, so I thought I would talk about poetry. And then I didn’t finish this while it was still April. Anyway, for those of you who don’t actually want to read about poetry, my gluteal injury seems to be healing and my butt is significantly less broken than it was a week ago. Thank you for all your sympathy and advice and stuff. The cold packs actually felt better than I expected them to. Sometimes I claim to hate poetry, but when I do that I’m engaging in hyperbole (a poetic device). Actually I love poetry.…

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