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Month: November 2011

The Twilight Zone!

Check out this Goodreads infographic about who loves Twilight the most. The pattern is, intense Twilight love in the south and midwest, shading gradually to “meh” on the coasts. The red/blue split looks a lot like red/blue voting results, which is kind of interesting. It could be driven by the same demographic — people from more concentrated urban areas are less thrilled about Twilight. I’d like to see a more detailed zip code map, where you could see if there’s an isolated pocket of Twilove in Forks.

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Chekhov vs Shakespeare

I had a major aha! moment when I read this quote in the Stranger: “you can split the world of theater between people who prefer Chekhov and people who prefer Shakespeare.” I realized that this aesthetic scale, with the Chekhovian (restrained, thoughtful, subtle, naturalistic) at one end and the Shakespearean (larger-than-life pulpy exuberance) at the other, applies to books and movies and television as well. And I realized that several things that have always puzzled me about the academic anti-genre bias become much clearer if I regard the equation not as lit vs genre, but as Chekhov vs Shakespeare. For…

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Brittle hearts

Aspiring writers’ hearts are notoriously brittle. Why else would anyone query only once, or twice, or a small handful of times, then give up altogether, assuming (wrongly) that if his book were really meant to get published, it would have been snapped up instantly? —Anne Mini Quoted for truth.

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I almost did Nanowrimo this year because I had an idea I wanted to work on, and I thought that maybe it would help in the novel-selling project to be working on a completely different project. Then I decided that was a stupid thought. I'm doing Nanosellmo instead. That is where I put approximately the effort of 1,666 words/day into selling the novel and other fiction. By sheer luck, I stumbled on this blog: which is right in the middle of "queryfest!" She has lots and lots and lots of advice about pitching and querying and synposis-ing and what-have…

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