I almost did Nanowrimo this year because I had an idea I wanted to work on, and I thought that maybe it would help in the novel-selling project to be working on a completely different project. Then I decided that was a stupid thought.

I'm doing Nanosellmo instead. That is where I put approximately the effort of 1,666 words/day into selling the novel and other fiction. By sheer luck, I stumbled on this blog: which is right in the middle of "queryfest!" She has lots and lots and lots of advice about pitching and querying and synposis-ing and what-have you. Almost too much info, actually. I'm a bit dizzy.


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      Thanks! I will cheer you on in a similar fashion when the time comes…

  1. Go, Julie, go!

    (I can’t believe I hardly saw you at WFC!)

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