Halloween things

Dan Savage provides a (slightly tongue-in-cheek) defense for the "sexy" Halloween costume. I don't actually disagree with him on most points — I just really hate those costumes. 

Jesus Ween is not, as you might suspect, an indication that Jesus has joined the band, or that the band has found Jesus. Nope, it's one guy's new push for a Jesusy alternative to Halloween. I still can't get over the fact that he's the one who's calling it that, because "Jesus Ween" sounds so utterly moronic that it's what I wish I'd thought to call "Christian" alternatives to Halloween years ago, to mock them.

Mockery aside, I do have to thank the religious right for doing their part to keep Halloween spooky.

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  1. This morning a barista told me about a friend who dressed up as a “sexy fire engine” one year as a kind of parody of the whole concept. I immediately started thinking of a series in that vein: “sexy bulldozer,” “sexy monolith,” “sexy birdbath,” etc.

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