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Month: July 2018

Hey, it’s my birthday!

Pictured above: Me on the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this year It’s my birthday today so I took the day off work to 1. Drink, and 2. Smash Stuff. Although actually I’m going to smash stuff first, because I want to be sober when I’m wielding that sledgehammer. I woke up thinking about politics, like everyone does these days. Why do you think I want to drink and smash stuff? I woke up thinking about the way particular political events and ideas have shaped my life. I was born in 1966, so by the time I was aware of the Civil…

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Write-a-thon 2018 progress report: editing

(Pictured above: some of my notebooks from the 2006 Clarion West workshop) I know the world is on fire, but the Write-a-thon is happening for TWO MORE WEEKS! Sponsor me! Sponsor another writer! It’s not like I haven’t been writing, I just haven’t been writing essays and progress reports. This Write-a-thon I’ve actually been doing mostly editing, which is an absolutely necessary art of writing, but it’s hard to measure progress. Drafting is easy — it’s all about the wordcount, baby! But editing, especially final stage editing like I’m doing on Stripping Down to Scars, that’s harder. How do you…

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