I had a major aha! moment when I read this quote in the Stranger: “you can split the world of theater between people who prefer Chekhov and people who prefer Shakespeare.” I realized that this aesthetic scale, with the Chekhovian (restrained, thoughtful, subtle, naturalistic) at one end and the ShakespeareanContinue Reading

Showbox at the Market tonight: http://www.showboxonline.com/market/eventdetail.php?id=26985 I am going and hope to run into Seattle people there. Actually, I’m hoping to run into Seattle goth community people who I haven’t seen since the Sisters of Mercy concert, but I dunno how likely that is. And if I’m alllll alllloooone that’sContinue Reading

Saw this in spite of the middling reviews, because, you know, Peter Jackson and all. Also it looked kind of intriguing. And it is. Kind of. Intriguing. Still, I do not recommend it. To dispense with its charms: The cast is pretty good. Stanley Tucci is the creepy standout asContinue Reading

or, Ethan Hawke, Vampire Slayer An entertaining vampocalypse movie that still misses the chance to be really good. It begins beautifully. We watch an apparent 12-year-old writing a note to her parents and then going to sit outside in the predawn glow. We cut back and forth between things likeContinue Reading

Yes, I did eventually decide to see New Moon on its final day at the Cinerama. My thinking was like this: if I had never heard of it before, a movie with solidly middling reviews that promised me hot, shirtless werewolf boys battling hot, shirtless vampire boys would have seemedContinue Reading