Paul: I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Me: Did you like it? Paul: Well, it was fairly well-written. And I’m glad a horror book won a Pulitzer. But you get to the end and — nothing happens. Me: That’s how you can tell it’s literary.Continue Reading

For a while I thought I wanted to do a complete, detailed, Left-Behind-style smackdown of Twilight, but then I decided that I already read the darned thing once, I didn’t want to read it again. Anyway, I thought it would be corrosive to my soul to spend so much timeContinue Reading

I previously saw one episode from the middle of the first season, and found it interesting but kind of oddly B-movie-ish. That is, it had a lot of bloody, sexy energy but people said and did ridiculous things and were prone to overacting.Continue Reading

Saw Star Trek over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised. It’s simply a good time at the movies — funny, fast-moving, occasionally touching, and full of life. My expectations were not high after the dismal double-whammy of Nemesis and Enterprise managed to suck the last tiny spark of vitality outContinue Reading

April is national poetry month, so I thought I would talk about poetry. And then I didn’t finish this while it was still April. Anyway, for those of you who don’t actually want to read about poetry, my gluteal injury seems to be healing and my butt is significantly lessContinue Reading

I followed "The Wish," as I often do, with "Doppelgangland". This episode is from later in season three, and it’s a direct follow-up to "The Wish." We meet Anya the (ex) vengeance demon again, and, oh yeah, Evil Vampire Willow makes another appearance. In fact, she gets a lot moreContinue Reading