Saw this over the weekend. It’s excellent at being exactly the movie it intends to be, and exactly the movie you want when you watch a low budget horror comedy called Zombie Strippers. Plenty of zombies. Plenty of strippers. And plenty of zombie strippers. It’s ninety minutes long, and there’sContinue Reading

Last night’s make-dishes-tolerable randomly-selected entertainment was season three Buffy episode "The Wish." It remains one of my favorites. It has a solid story, fascinating alt-world building, fabulous new characters, a devastating emotional punch, and is one of very few Buffy episodes to actually be, mostly, a horror story. Maybe IContinue Reading

Saw Twilight over the weekend. It was better than syphilis. I’m also pretty sure it was better than a couple of the movies in the previews, Bride Wars and Confessions of a Shopaholic, both of which made me sort of want to shoot someone in the face. Twilight is frequentlyContinue Reading