House-cooling party

On September 1, 2010, Paul and I will officially cease being residents of 1319 Indian Street, after being there since 1993. That’s seventeen years. At that same time, we will cease being residents of Bellingham altogether. Twenty years for me, longer for Paul.

In honor of this, on August 28, we will be hosting a house-cooling party at the Indian Street location. Starting around six pm, you can show up to eat food off of paper plates, sit on folding chairs, and possibly go home with a book or something.


  1. “House-cooling party” — I love it! Not close enough to attend, alas.

    Where are you going next? Good luck with everything!

    1. Author

      Seattle! Is where we are going. Not too far away.

    1. Author

      I am pretty sure our landpeople do not have have any idea that sword was ever there. So, no.

  2. Sorry to hear, but cool idea.

    Please email me your updated mailing address when convenient :-)

    We will be in New Zealand and so will miss the cooling party.

    <== Mike ==>

    1. Author

      Our new Seattle PO Box is:

      PO Box 741
      Seattle, WA 98111-0741

      That mailing address will work for the forseeable future.

    1. Author


      Seattle is that much closer to Portland…

    1. Author

      I can see the claw marks down I-5 even now…

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