V-Con today!

I am on the following panels:

Tense Viewpoint – Friday 3pm
Killing Off Characters – Friday 4pm
Strong In Body, Stronger In Mind – Friday 5pm
Good Villains – Saturday Noon
Buffy vs Edward; What Would Dracula Think? – Saturday 5pm
Religion In Fantasy And Science Fiction – Sunday 10am
Worlds Of Whedon – Sunday 3pm

See you there!

(Well, some of you, anyway.)


  1. I’m on:

    Kidcon – really quite a bit

    Uh, that’s it really.

    See you there! :)

    1. Author

      Children! Children! Future! Future! Kids!

      (Channeling The Simpsons)

    1. Author

      I think it’s because the programming head and I share a lot of interests.

      Or at least, one big interest: vampires, NOT Twilight, esp. Buffy.

  2. Looks like fun! Have a great time.

    And Dracula would be happy to watch Buffy beat the sparkle out of Edward in a Buffy v Edward fight. ;)

    1. Author

      Dracula would be happy to waltz Bella away out from under Edward’s sparkly nose and give her a biting she’d never forget. Is my take on the character.

  3. I don’t think you have enough Joss Whedon-related stuff. Where’s the Angel versus Spike panel? The Mal versus Han Solo? At least make sure to mention Mal’s faith and lack thereof in the religion panel.

    1. Author

      No, you’re right of course. Please add : Spike + Angel : eternal struggle or the slashiest slash you ever slashed, Firefly vs. Every other space adventure in the history of ever, and Glee: Would it even exist without the Buffy musical?

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