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Month: December 2016

Goth House: Goth House Thinks about War

Originally published March 20, 2003. The first panel is because I interrupted an ongoing storyline with all the Goth House characters reimagined as supervillains, in order to write about the Iraq Invasion. The first phrase “I rarely get topical with the comic” doesn’t mean that I rarely got political. Mocking the religious right was always a feature, for example. However, when I started the comic I imagined it taking place in a timeless sort of gothic punk world, reminiscent of Edward Gorey’s work. Only his world stops around 1953 and mine stopped around 1983. ——— I rarely get topical with…

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Christmas time is here again

I started writing this on December 17, the day after Paul and I traveled to Bellingham for the 20th(!) Clambake Christmas Special. We got to see long-time favorites Clambake, punk rock kids Secondhand Suits, the reunion tour of the Fabulous Bakettes, and the Dirty Bird Cabaret, which included both a classic fan dance and a kick line. AND! AND! Bellingham had some kind of cosplay/meetup/flash mob Krampus-related thing going on, so around midnight the Shakedown filled up with A MILLION KRAMPUSES. Totally worth it. But (if you’re sick of my political rants, stop reading now) part of why I was…

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Donald Trump is literally The Antichrist, maybe

There’s one theory about Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential contest that I haven’t seen floated much yet: maybe he’s The Antichrist. If he is, white evangelicals missed it. More than eighty percent of them voted for him. In fact, since the 2016 election was so close, they probably provided him with an absolutely crucial margin of victory. Is it possible that the very people who made The Antichrist a thing forty years ago, who told us exactly what to look for and what was going to happen, not only missed his rise to power, but are largely responsible for it? Looking…

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