I did more or less meet my goal of having the rewrite done by World Fantasy Convention. I say "more or less" because I was still monkeying with the climax yesterday, and I was hoping that the version called "done" for today would be an even more polished version. IContinue Reading

So, I thought I had the werewolf novel all figured out, then I stepped away from it for 6 weeks of write-a-thoning. When I went back to take another look and get on the finding-an-agent thing again, I realized OMG! The protagonist doesn't want anything! She is totally protagging insufficiently!*Continue Reading

What?!? Final Friday already? All right, it’s time for an update. The second short story is still in edit mode. I still feel like it’s just missing something. Okay, tomorrow I must send it somewhere even if I still think it’s not all that. Who knows, maybe I’m not theContinue Reading

All right. It’s Sunday and the last couple of weeks were kind of a miserable failure write-a-thon wise. Naturally, I am duty-bound to tell you the whole pathetic story. For my life is nothing if not a big weepy pile of self-caused angst. My plan for this was: 1 weekContinue Reading

Internal dialog on a Saturday morning Hey, it’s Saturday of Clarion West Week 2 and you know what that means! Fourth of July weekend? No, you have to submit that story you wrote. Oh. Right. I… I promised to do that, didn’t I? Yes, and you have to. But —Continue Reading

I have successfully written a brand new short story that I don’t (yet) think is entirely horrible. It’s science fiction but it could be fantasy. Victory 1! But I have not yet overcome submitaphobia. That’s okay. My goal is to, over six weeks, write and submit three stories. I haven’tContinue Reading

First failing: writing a post every day of the write-a-thon. I was totally going to do that. Then I didn’t. Second failing: getting much writing done. Actually that might not be a failing. I have been in novel-writing mode for a couple of years and am trying to switch gearsContinue Reading

Hey, everybody! This is, I think, the more or less final pitch for the werewolf novel. And it will go to agents. Honest. Really, I promise. (Heart thuds. Deep breath. Submitaphobia rears its ugly head.) I just wanted to pass it by y’all and see if there are any reallyContinue Reading

Happy new year! I have not been posting a lot, for a Really Good Reason: finishing work on the werewolf novel. The current title is Waking up Naked in Strange Places, and I can’t decide if it’s different and groovy and catchy or just too weird and long, so IContinue Reading