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Month: November 2016

Writing at the end of the world: NaNoWriMo 2016

Some of you know that the publisher of Waking Up Naked in Strange Places went out of business — it was last year, but let’s just call it this year, because 2016 deserves it. I’ve been going through the usual struggles of “hey, what do you do when your publisher goes out of business, anyway?” My decision was to bring out the first novel and its two planned sequels as self-published books, and I started studying how to do that. But of course, the first thing I had to do with the two sequels was write them. Book 2 (current title:…

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Over Orycon weekend I surprised myself by getting really angry while talking to a nice, well-meaning person who I like a lot. Both of us are opponents of Trump, troubled about how to move forward, and committed to resisting fascism. She was talking about Thanksgiving, and the prospect of getting along with Trumpist relatives, and expressed a desire to seek understanding, common ground, etc. Sentiments I hear a lot. We can’t let this divide us forever. We are still people, Americans, all together, aren’t we? How can we move forward if we just write the other side off? My response:…

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Shutting up, sitting down, making peace

When you were a kid, and you found out about the Nazis, did you fantasize that, if you  had been there, you would have been really heroic? Hiding Anne Frank in your attic, that sort of thing? I know I did. Most of us did. I was a baby evangelical and we liked to think of ourselves as true warriors on the side of good, utterly fearless in our commitment to do what was right, no matter the consequences, because we knew our reward in heaven was assured. We knew that we would never let that sort of thing happen…

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I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this

Believe me America, you’re going to regret this. Half of you already do, if the protests across major American cities yesterday were any indication. Are those going to die down? Are people going to settle in eventually and just accept a wildly incompetent crotch-grabber endorsed by the KKK as their president? The New York Times yesterday seemed to think we should. They published an editorial that said we “owe” it to the gibbering mountebank to “give him a chance.” No. We don’t. In fact. I don’t owe him jack. Neither do you. He owes us. That’s what it means to be…

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