It recently occurred to me that patriarchy does not actually define people as “men” and “women.” it defines people as “men” and “not-men.” Of course, the most obvious and prevalent not-men in patriarchy have always been women, and in many ways patriarchy can be seen as an attempt to controlContinue Reading

Ran into this article, titled “Why most evangelicals don’t condemn Trump,” and started getting steamed. So, it’s Sunday, time to engage in the modern version of that time-honored evangelical tradition known as “complaining about the sermon in the car on the way home from church.” First, it’s written by somebodyContinue Reading

Note: I originally started writing this post in October 2014, shortly after attending my first GeekGirlCon. But I didn’t post it then. Why not? I’m not sure. I think I might have not had a conclusion until a couple of months later, and by then it no longer seemed relevant.Continue Reading

Peggy Noonan, a Reagan-era conservative, recently wrote an essay criticizing Donald Trump for being “Woody Allen Without the Humor.” It delivers some truth about Trump’s own character flaws. He is indeed “whiny, weepy and self-pitying” and possessed of a “mad, blubbery petulance.” But it also hits heavy with eye-rolling traditionalContinue Reading

A few years back — I think it was right after the, shall we say, disappointing results of the 2004 presidential election — I wrote an essay called “In order to form a more purple union” and posted it online, although now I can’t find it, so I’m not sureContinue Reading

A week ago last Sunday, I arrived at 4th and Olive in Downtown Seattle for the big Pride Parade, and had just texted a friend to look for me at that intersection. But I shortly realized that a couple of Jerks-for-Jesus dudes with a megaphone were holding that corner. MyContinue Reading

I’ve talked about how my first major break with the white evangelical mainstream was over gay rights when, as a teenager, in the 1980s, I decided I supported them. I was mostly pretty quiet about this decision. I didn’t have faith in my power to change anyone else’s mind, andContinue Reading

Hey, I don’t want to get too out of line or anything here, but doesn’t it seem like maybe today’s conservative movement has become dominated by terrible people? I mean, on the same day that my friend publishes an article about her assault by a bunch of Trump followers inContinue Reading