A week ago last Sunday, I arrived at 4th and Olive in Downtown Seattle for the big Pride Parade, and had just texted a friend to look for me at that intersection. But I shortly realized that a couple of Jerks-for-Jesus dudes with a megaphone were holding that corner. MyContinue Reading

I’ve talked about how my first major break with the white evangelical mainstream was over gay rights when, as a teenager, in the 1980s, I decided I supported them. I was mostly pretty quiet about this decision. I didn’t have faith in my power to change anyone else’s mind, andContinue Reading

Hey, I don’t want to get too out of line or anything here, but doesn’t it seem like maybe today’s conservative movement has become dominated by terrible people? I mean, on the same day that my friend publishes an article about her assault by a bunch of Trump followers inContinue Reading

I rewatched this after having positive memories of seeing it on television long ago. Plot recap: Dee Wallace is Karen, a TV news anchorwoman in LA who has been getting messages from a serial killer who is obsessed with her. She agrees to meet with him, while wearing a wire,Continue Reading

It’s Easter Sunday. [Note: When I started writing this it was Easter Sunday. It is no longer Easter Sunday.] When I was growing up, and well into my adult life, that meant watching my parents sing in the church choir. I would clear my Sunday Norwescon schedule in order toContinue Reading

Thursday Paranoia (Will Destoy Ya) 9:00pm – 10:00pm @ Cascade 5&6   Friday Self Publishing Comics: Online and On Paper 1:00pm – 2:00pm @ Cascade 3&4     Inclusive Voices in Horror 4:00pm – 5:00pm @ Cascade 7&8   The Kids Aren’t All Right 6:00pm – 7:00pm @ Cascade 5&6Continue Reading

One of my working theories about understanding the political right in this country — everybody from Donald Trump to your Mom’s racist brother — is to assume that every insult they lob against the “other side” (that is, us, liberals, Democrats) is projection. Take this “snowflake” business. It’s clear howContinue Reading

When I was younger, I used to assume that ridiculous anti-feminist articles like this one were persuasive pieces aimed at feminist women like me. They were scary stories, cautionary tales, intended to undermine my confidence in my own values. Their message was: ladies, I know you think you’re happy pursuingContinue Reading

Say, did you know millions of people worldwide marched for women’s rights and against Trumpism last Saturday? (Samantha Bee had a nice summation.) I was among them. My husband was among them. My parents were among them. My mother — who isn’t quite as addicted to online media as her Gen-X daughterContinue Reading

Greetings from the Wrangler Bar & Grill, Lewiston, Idaho. See the image up there on top of this blog entry? That’s their logo, as depicted on the mirror behind the bar. The bar itself is nice, a classic wooden style from, probably, the early 20th century, somewhat retrofitted for itsContinue Reading