“How much is BIG BROTHER paying you to spout his lies?” This was the text of a direct Facebook message from a friend-of-friend 9/11 truther who apparently got sick of arguing with me in public and thought he could bait me into duking it out privately, with an insult so bizarreContinue Reading

Originally published March 20, 2003. The first panel is because I interrupted an ongoing storyline with all the Goth House characters reimagined as supervillains, in order to write about the Iraq Invasion. The first phrase “I rarely get topical with the comic” doesn’t mean that I rarely got political. MockingContinue Reading

I started writing this on December 17, the day after Paul and I traveled to Bellingham for the 20th(!) Clambake Christmas Special. We got to see long-time favorites Clambake, punk rock kids Secondhand Suits, the reunion tour of the Fabulous Bakettes, and the Dirty Bird Cabaret, which included both aContinue Reading

There’s one theory about Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential contest that I haven’t seen floated much yet: maybe he’s The Antichrist. If he is, white evangelicals missed it. More than eighty percent of them voted for him. In fact, since the 2016 election was so close, they probably provided him withContinue Reading

Over Orycon weekend I surprised myself by getting really angry while talking to a nice, well-meaning person who I like a lot. Both of us are opponents of Trump, troubled about how to move forward, and committed to resisting fascism. She was talking about Thanksgiving, and the prospect of gettingContinue Reading

Believe me America, you’re going to regret this. Half of you already do, if the protests across major American cities yesterday were any indication. Are those going to die down? Are people going to settle in eventually and just accept a wildly incompetent crotch-grabber endorsed by the KKK as theirContinue Reading